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Round One​ - 40 Points Total

Innovation (0-10 Points):​​​

  • How is this capability accomplished today and what are the limitations of current practice?

  • Does the proposed idea utilize novel theoretical concepts, approaches, methodologies, instrumentation, or services? (Note that the proposed technology can also enhance an existing approach.)

Approach (0-10 Points):​​​

  • Are the overall strategy, methodology, and analyses well-reasoned and appropriate to test the proposed idea?

  • Why will this new approach succeed?

  • What are the risks and mitigation strategies?

  • How does the approach consider NASA science needs?

  • What are the milestones?

Team/Founder Aptitudes (0-10 Points):​​​

  • Does the individual or team demonstrate high level of ability and dedication?

  • Were the passion, drive, discipline, ability to work collaboratively and willingness to push forward under conditions of extreme business uncertainty successfully demonstrated?

Commercialization (0-10 Points):​​​

  • Is there a clear path for the product/service to achieve NASA's missions and/or reach the market demand?

  • Are the product users and purchasers clearly identified?

  • Does the submission demonstrate a realistic understanding of commercial market size and current landscape?

  • Is there evidence that market research or analysis of competitors was conducted?

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