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Conventions to Follow:​​​

  • Submitted Round One white papers must be no longer than 5 pages, excluding the cover page. Any page beyond the 5th will not be read. 

  • White papers must be written with 12 point font in Times New Roman and use standard A4 2.5cm margins.


Questions and Topics to Address in Your White Paper:​​​

  • Clearly state the NASA technology focus area to which you are responding.

  • Clearly address the evaluation criteria within the white paper.

  • Discuss the concept, the technology that needs to be developed, and the problem(s) to be addressed. 

  • Describe your ability to address the technological challenges related to the idea. 

  • Clearly articulate the commercial potential of your solution include estimated market size, compelling commercial use-cases for the product, competitors in the space currently, etc. 

  • Include a note about the team's backgrounds, capabilities, etc. 

  • Do not include any proprietary information. 

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